MyLowesLife W-2 : How To Access My Lowe’s Life Employee W2 Info

Are you searching for the best method to access myloweslife w2 stuff from your employee profile? we will help you today with this article. But before that, it’s necessary to understand what is w2 and why it is very important for any employee and employer especially at MyLowesLife.

W2 is a type of tax form used in the United States of America by the internal revenue service department for reporting the number of wages paid to the employees and associates if applicable.

myloweslife w2

Employers belongs to any company must fill the w2 form for the income tax department of the US if the non cash payments exceeds $600 or more.

I guess this information is enough to understand what is my lowes life w2 and the importance of it. We will now help you get former, current employee w2 information from your lowes employee account.

Downlaod MyLowesLife W2 Forms Online

If you want to access your w2 info from lowe’s website, you must be an either current employee or a former employee. Current employees can get the most recent information whereas the former employees can only get their info till the time he/she was an employee of lowe’s stores.

So, being a former employee, if you are looking for the most recent w2 filing information, you must contact your present working company’s hr department.

How to Get MyLowesLife Former Employee W2 Info?

If you are former employee who is currently not working at lowe’s stores, you can still get the w2 information from the portal till you were the employee of the company.

  • Visit website on your phone or computer as a first step.
  • Enter your lowe’s name and code 11116 in their respective fields on the website.
  • Now, enter the last 4 digits of your SSN number and provide the date of birth as well.
  • Hit Continue to authenticate the login process and move forward.
  • After logging into the portal successfully, choose the option “get your w2 now for enhancing online delivery”.

Will not confuse you by sharing the unnecessary stuff here. Because, we value our visitor and we share what exactly they are looking for. If you need any further help or information, you may comment below with your question or doubt for help from us.

How to Get MyLowesLife W2 Forms of Current Employees?

So, if you are looking for the instructions to get your wage and tax information from the lowe’s portal, you can follow the steps shared below.

  • Visit official website from your device using any web browser.
  • Login to your lowe’s employee account before going to further steps.
  • Now go to My Wealth and then navigate to Payroll services.
  • Go to w-2 services from payroll services as a next step.
  • Tap “Get your W-2 Now” option.
  • Follow the simple on-screen instructions that you see on the official website to take a printout of your w-2 info.

This is how you can get your w2 information easily without much efforts. Kindly note that you need to follow the steps mentioned above without missing any of them.

It is highly suggested to go with the instructions what describe you better, that is either former employee or current employee. We have also written a beautiful guide that you can check right away if you want to MyLowesLife Paystub information.

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Download Federal W-4 Forms Online

It is very important to have filed w-4 forms at the time of filing your income tax. Don’t you have them with you? don’t worry, you may download them from lowes life official employee portal.

  • Open My Lowes Life Official Portal page by clicking this link.
  • Go to My Work Life option that can be found on the home of the employee portal.
  • Navigate to Payroll option now.
  • Then, go to W4 Tax Information section from there to get required info.

Download the w4 forms from the portal and print them out into hard copies. Fill in all the details that you should suppose to fill. Send both federal and state w4 forms to the faxing address shared below.

Download Lowes State W-4 Forms

W4 tax information is very important at the time of filing an income tax in the united states. If you want to download the forms online, follow the steps shared below.

  • Go to home page by using any web browser on your phone or pc.
  • Navigate to My Home section on the home page of the portal.
  • Go to Lowe’s Forms section now.
  • Then, go to Government Related option.
  • Finally, navigate to State W-4 Forms section.

There, you can download the state w4 forms and take a print out of those docs. Then, fill in all required details and then fax them to the below fax number.

My Lowe’s Life W2 Support

If you are looking for the detailed information about your w2 stuff, you can check this guide.

  • You can email your queries to for further help from the lowes team members.
  • Phone Number – (877) 325-9239
  • Fax Number – 336-658-2606

Along with W2, you can also get 1095 tax forms from your employee dashboard, that’s the power of the lowe’s employee account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lowes W2

1. Can I file my taxes using my recent lowe’s payslip?

No, because monthly payslips are meant for that current month only. Moreover, they will not have proper tax related information since the important details are enclosed in final payslips.

Since you cannot file your taxes using the payslip, you need to wait for physical w2 form on your mailing address. Otherwise, you can log into lowes online portal to download w2 online forms.

2. My taxable wages are different from YTD gross wages on my payslips and w2?

Pretax items and domestic partner employer paid benefits are the major reason for this difference. Pretax items includes but not limited to medical insurance deductions, 401k plan deductions, dental insurance deductions, vision insurance deductions, flexible spending account (FSA) deductions.

3. Why federal and state taxes reflected as deductions on my lowes W-2?

There are several reasons for this issues as follows,

  • You may have submitted w-4 form to state and federal department for claiming an “exempt” status.
  • You may have claimed a large number of exemptions.
  • Didn’t earn enough to have tax withholding deducted from your payslip.
  • You might be working part-time at lowes.

In order to correct this problem, you will have to download state and federal w4 forms, fill in details and send them to the fax address.

4. How to get my lowes w-2 early every year?

In order to get your w2 forms earlier than the paper version, you should provide your consent on this.

  • Go to the home page of lowes employee portal.
  • Move your cursor to My Wealth section from the home page.
  • Navigate to Payroll Services from there.
  • Go to W-2 Services and then select Consent for Online Delivery.

You should do this process before jan 14th of each year to receive online delivery of your w-2 forms. Once you do that, you will receive the online w2 forms 10 to 15 days earlier to the paper version.

5. What to do if my w-2 forms were lost?

Don’t worry, you can reprint your w-2 forms online. Follow the instructions shared in this article or contact the lowes w2 helpline number to get help from the field experts.


Now you can access your w2 information from the lowe’s portal itself. It is a bit difficult task to do it on your but by following the instructions shared on this page will make your job easy. If you have any doubts regarding the information shared on this page, please comment below for help from us.