How To Check MyLowesLife Paycheck? All About Lowe's PayStubs

Hey lowe’s employee, do you want to check myloweslife payslip?. We will help you by explaining how to check lowes payslip and everything related to your paycheck in this article. But it’s important to know what is a payslip, paycheck and the difference between them and paystub.

Both paycheck and payslip are same but when it comes to the concept of paystub, it is slightly different from it.

A payslip or paycheck is exactly what you get as a copy or a bill that you receive for the wage or service that you have provided to any individual or a company.

Paystub is the clear cut calculate of the payment that you have got after all deductions such as tax and other expenses for the service that you have provided.

How To Check MyLowesLife PayStub Online

It is quite common that a an employee of lowe’s store wants to check their paystub. So, if you are new to that or you forgot how to check it online, we are here to help you with that.

  • Firstly, go to myloweslife official portal by using the link that we have shared above.
  • Login to the portal by using lowes employee credentials. Here is a full guide to login to myloweslife portal that you can check for the detailed instructions.
  • After logging in to the portal, you can see different menus at the top left corner of the window such as Home, My Lowe’s Life, Store.
loweslife paycheck
  • Tap “My Lowe’s Life” in order to expand the menu.
  • You will get a list of sub menus as a result of that. Tap “My Wealth” sub menu now.
  • You will have to login again to view and manage lowes my wealth stuff.
  • Tap “View My Payslip” which is at the left hand side of the screen under lowe’s my wealth.
  • Now a new page will be opened up where you can view all your paystub information from past years to current years.
  • Hit “Paycheck/Paystub” of any year or current year to view your paycheck information.
  • Now you can view and take a print out of it.

That’s it! this way, you can view or print out your paystub information anytime from your lowe’s employee portal.

If you are a former employee, then you have to first go to and then choose your login method accordingly to get paystub information.

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Does Lowe's Hold First Paycheck?

No, they will not hold your first paycheck of a month  but they will hold your first week’s paycheck. Let me explain you clearly.

Suppose you have started your work on monday and the following friday will be the payday. So, that week’s payment will be on hold and that will be released at second week.

Ultimately, they will pay your first week’s payment at second’s week.

Does Lowes Pay weekly or Biweekly?

Answer for this question is already explained above. Lowes employees will get paid every two weeks. The company will hold the first week payment and it will get paid along with second week payment.

Are you looking for the w-2 information of your lowes account? here is a detailed guide that explains everything about myloweslife w2.


If you want to to check myloweslife payroll information, you need to login with your credentials at the employee portal as first step.

Then you can view your payslip information under mywealth which is a mega menu for various paystub information, lowes employee benefits, offers and a lot more employee related stuff. You can comment below if you have any doubts regarding your lowes paycheck.

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