MyLowesLife Login : Register & Login to My Lowes Life Portal (Official)

MyLowesLife Login Portal is started with the intention to serve over 310,000 employees working in different locations of the world with more than 2390 branches.

Lowe’s stores are the world’s second largest chain of home improvement hardware suppliers/retailers which is having a very good talk in public.

Why Lowes Employee Portal Started?

So to manage the workload of their employees, lowes stores have started a portal for employees where all it’s employees can login and get their benefits.

If you are a lowes employee who is looking for the lowes login instructions to manage your workload, we suggest you stick this article till the end.

Since we are going to discuss how you can actually login to the portal, we are pretty sure that you will be able to view your paychecks, manage work schedules in a convenient manner.

About MyLowesLife Login Portal

With the help of the lowesnet login portal, all the lowe’s employees are managing their work schedules, salary slips, credit information easily. My Lowes Login Portal provides various tools in the employee dashboard to let them manage their workload.

That opportunity made all it’s employees finish their work such as updating the schedules and trade shifts online. Which is a major reason for the employees to improve their work performance.

Importance Of LowesNet Login Portal

MyLowesLife is meant for both former employees and current employees. They both can login with a valid user id and password anytime they want.

Current employees can actually check their employee benefits and Human Resource information such as pension plans, 401k, health benefits at the portal.

Whereas the former employees can get their career information for future endeavours. Former employees along with current employees of the lowe’s stores can also get discounts and offers on some important occasions.

MyLowesLife Login Portal –

Logging in to the myloweslife login portal may be easy for current employees but it’s not same for the former employees.

On the other hand, being a current employee, you might also need to have adequate knowledge about the panel and how to use it properly.

Any employee with the requirements mentioned below can login to the portal and get lowes benefits and a lot more stuff.

MyLowesLife Employee Login Portal Requirements

The portal requires few things mentioned below for a successful login from an employee like you.

  • A phone/tablet or a personal computer
  • An active internet connection (important)
  • You must be an employee of the company (former or current employee)
  • Must have a billing number (user id) and Password

If you don’t have an user id and password even though you are an employee of the company, you can now register for an account. Just go through the instructions provided below to get one. Once you get the login details, you will be able to login to the employee portal anytime.

How To Register As New User @ MyLowesLife Portal

In order to register a myloweslife account at the online portal, you must be an employee of the company. Every employee of lowes will be given a sales number and a password by their HR Department.

With a valid sales number and a passcode, you will be able to login to the portal. Otherwise you can follow the instructions provided below to register as a new user.

Register New Account

  • Go to the official website to register as a new user from above. Check the image below for more information about registering a new user account.

register myloweslife account

  • Tap “New User?” option which is right below the login field.

enter ssn info

  • Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Serial Number in the first field and enter the date of birth.
  • Tap “Continue” to go ahead to the registration process.

Now you will be taken to the further steps of registration if the SSN and DOB are correct. Otherwise, you need to contact the HR Department for help.

How To Log Into MyLowesLife Login Portal

With valid login credentials, you can login to the portal. For that you need to go through certain steps which we have shared below.

  • Open any web browser on your smartphone or laptop.
  • Go to on your browser to login to the portal. Otherwise you may go to the login page by using the link shared below.

Lowes Login (Official)

  • On the web page, you can see a login box as shared below.

myloweslife login portal

  • Enter the “Sales Number” in the first field. If you don’t have the sales number, you can contact your HR for the details.
  • In the next field, enter your password and hit “Login”.

Those are the instructions for the current employees. If you are an old employee, you can follow the steps shared below for a successful login.

my lowes life login former employees

  • In case of a former employee, as shown in the image above, tap “Click Here” to go to the page where you can login and get your HR related information.
  • If you have trouble logging in, you can try to recover the user id and password, otherwise contact the HR.

I hope you are successfully logged in to the lowes login portal. After logging in, you can explore a lot of useful stuff such as MyLowesLife Benefits, etc. In case of any login error, check out the solution that we have shared below.

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How To Fix MyLowesLife Internal Server Error & Login Problems

Since this is the only portal available for all the lowes employees from around the globe, there might be some issues. We have provided the tips using which you can fix if there is any error.

1. Internal Server Error

This is the most common error that majority of the lowes store employees are facing. Major reason for this error is the traffic to the server from various locations at once.

Whenever a lot of users try to access at once, the server might not respond and as a result, people will get internal server error with an error code 500.

myloweslife internal server error

Not only while trying to login, but you will also see the this error on various stages such as while logging in, checking lowe’s employee w2 information.

If you feel this error is annoying you very much, we suggest you login or reset my lowes life password after sometime.

2. Lowes Site Not Working (or) Loading

Sometimes, you will face site loading issues when opened at non working hours. It means that the website might be going through a database update.

In such cases, you need to wait for sometime because accessing from any other device using a different network as well will not help you.

3. Wrong Lowes Login Details

Incorrect login details will cause an error which will not help you with a successful login. So, always be sure that the login details that you are using to login at the lowes login portal are correct.

If you don’t remember the password or user id, you can recover it by following the guidelines shared below.

How To Reset MyLowesLife Password [Recover Lost Password]

If you forgot your login password, then you can recover it from the official website itself. Check out the exact steps that you may require to go through as mentioned below.

  1. First of all, open and then navigate to the login section on the page.
  2. Since you don’t know the password, tap “Forgot Password?” button and wait for the page to load completely.
  3. On the password reset page, you will need to enter the Lowe’s serial number which is nothing but the billing number and commonly called as the user id.
  4. In case if you don’t know the user id as well, contact the hr department to get the details.
  5. If you remember the serial number, please enter it in it’s field.
  6. Now, type the password that you want but make sure that the password is easy to remember to avoid login issues again and again in future.
  7. Confirm the password by typing it for one more time.
  8. Now, go myloweslife login page and use your serial number and new password to login.

That’s it! I hope you have successfully logged into the portal now. Comment below if you are still unable to log into lowes employee portal.


Use MyLowesLife Employee Login Portal if you are an employee of the company to access all the information that you may need. Both former and current employees of the company can get their work related information, 401k plan, retirement information, health insurance and much more. Consider going through the guide that we have written, if you want to check myloweslife paystubs.