MylowesLife Kronos Login : How to Check Work Schedules & Hours of Work

Being an employee at MyLowesLife, you might have already heard about kronos work force management platform. If you want to know more about the platform and how to access myloweslife kronos login page to manage your work schedules and stuff like that, this guide is purely written for you.

With kronos integrated platform, all the employees can keep track of their work schedules where they can actually manage their time table of work and hours of work. But, if you want to view your lowes paycheck information, kronos is not your destination.

Everything You Need To Know About Lowe's Kronos System

lowes kronos login

Workforce management

About Kronos

Kronos is a workforce management solution that is being used a massive list of companies and lowes is one of them. Using kronos, any company such as lowes stores can help their employees manage their work schedules and check their work time table easily from the portal.

The integrated MyLowesLife Kronos Login portal allows lowes employees access their work schedules, hours of work and they can also apply for a leave right from the platform.

MyLowesLife Kronos Login Instructions For Employees

In order to login at kronos platform, you must an employee at lowes. More importantly, you need to be a current employee of the company and there is no option for former employees to login at kronos since they are nothing to do with work schedules and work time table.

If you are a current employee with proper login credentials, you can login to the portal in two ways that we have mentioned below.

1. How To Login To My Lowes Life Kronos Portal From PC

You don’t have to go to a dedicated kronos portal if you are a lowe’s employee because you won’t find any kind of details there.

We have provided the detailed instructions that you may follow in order to login to myloweslife kronos server from your pc.

  • I guess, you have an active internet connection on your laptop or personal computer.
  • Open any web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera or even Microsoft Edge will do the work. 
  • Go to myloweslife login portal by using the as the web address.
  • Use your employee credentials to login to the lowe’s portal once the web page loads completely. You can find the login box at the left side of the web page.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to see a lot of options such as lowes paystubs, kronos, etc.
  • Tap kronos to go to myloweslife kronos login portal where you can actually manage all your work schedules and check time table of further work days at your company.
In a similar manner, you can login to to check your employee benefits.

2. How To Login to Lowes Kronos Portal Using Mobile Application

Checking employee work schedules from a smartphone is super convenient with krons mobile application. Check out the exact instructions shared below.

  • Open Google Play Store on your android phone to download the application.
  • Search for Kronos and install it on your phone.
  • Follow few on-screen instructions to finish installing kronos application on your phone.
  • Open kronos application from your home screen and use your employee login credentials to login to the dashboard.
  • Once logged in successfully, you will be able to see different options as shown in the image below.
myloweslife kronos login
  • If you want to check your work schedules, you can go to third option “Schedule” menu.

This way, you can easily manage your work schedules and time tables. You may also view your requests such as permissions to your leave letters at “Requests”.

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Lowe’s allows it’s employees check their next day’s work schedules in a convenient way with the help of kronos work management portal’s integration. You have two ways to login to the portal, one by using the web portal on pc and another method is by using the kronos mobile app.

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