MyLowesLife – Official My Lowe’s Life Employee Login

MyLowesLife is the official login portal for Lowe’s current and former employees. The web portal was started in 2009 in order to establish a connection between employees, retirees and the company. Lowes employees can get connected to other employees, officials on this portal.

By logging in, Lowe’s employees can get their work related information. Current lowe’s employees can apply for a leave, check their work schedules and even apply for a promotion.

myloweslife login page

Even the former employees can also access their account at lowes sso login portal and get their career information.

About Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse

The company was founder in 1946 at Mooresville, North Carolina as their first location with basic household things.

Later they have expanded their stores to over 2390 in North America itself. Lowe’s store is now one of the best choices for people for their shopping especially for the kind of services they provide.

about my lowes life sso login

Now, they also operate in Mexico, Canada, United States Of America with a whopping number of 310,000 employee base.

\Lowe’s stores are very much famous for the kind of services and quality of goods they serve people which are completely eco-friendly.

MyLowesLife Portal Benefits

My Lowes Life portal was started for their employees and there is no other intention behind that. Every single employee of lowe’s store can trade their shifts and apply for emergency leaves on this portal.

At Lowes Employee portal, they can manage work related mails, paychecks, bills, promotions and a lot more stuff related to their role in the company.

We have listed out the benefits of using the portal for the employees at the end of this page, have a look at them.

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MyLowesLife Employee Login Instructions​

As mentioned earlier, lowes workspace portal is meant for both old employees and current employees as well. So, in order to be able to login to the portal, you must be an employee of the company and it’s the first major thing to note.

Being an employee is not enough, you need to have an active account created for yourself in the company. So that you can access your profile from anywhere by using the lowes login credentials. Make sure that you are ready with the requirements mentioned below.

  1. Sales Number (or) User ID of the Lowes Employee
  2. Password associated with your employee account
  3. Must answer the security question in order to be able to login successfully

Failing to answer the security question, you will not be logged in and of course, that is again a different scenario altogether.

MyLowesLife Portal has two different sections of login. One is for the current employees and the other section is for the employees who are not currently working at lowes workspace [Retirees].

1. MyLowesLife Login – Current Employees

If you are current employee of the lowes company, you can access your lowes account by following the guidelines shared below.

  • Using mobile phone or desktop, open up any web browser to go to myloweslife employee portal.
  • Use the URL in the url bar of the web browser on your phone or computer and hit enter.
  • You will probably see a window as shown below. Now you have to enter the sales number, password in their respective fields.

myloweslife login

  • Tap “Login” to log into your lowes employee account.
  • Answer the security question which is mandatory to avoid problems with your account.
  • Select Full-Time or Part-Time as applicable for your current work profile at the portal.
  • If you have successfully completed each one of the steps mentioned above, you will be successfully logged in.

Sales number and lowes employee id are same. Don’t get confused between both of them.

2. My Lowes Life Login – Former Employees [Retirees]

You can access your MyLowesLife Account if you are an ex employee of the company now. But, kindly note that the login process is completely different from the current employees to the ex-employees. Follow the instructions shared below, achieve successful login to your lowes employee account.

  • Open Google Chrome or any other web browser on your phone or laptop.
  • Type in the url bar and hit enter to go to the official website of my lowes life login portal for ex employees.
  • Now you will be able to see a separate section for the former employees which is at the center of the window.

my lowes life login former employees

  • That will take you to the other webpage where you can directly login to your employee account.
  • Now you can enter the User ID and Password of your profile that you were using in the past to login to the portal.

myloweslife portal

In case if you don’t remember your User ID or Password, you can recover it on the go. You can also see various other options as well on the screen such as New User account creation, Benefits pricing Tool. We will talk about all those things below.

How To Reset My Lowes Life Login Password?

Don’t you remember the lowes password of your employee account? don’t worry, you can recover it.

  • Open lowes employee portal website on your computer or phone using any web browser.
  • Go to in the browser to go to the official website.

Reset Password Now   

  • You will now see the login box with user id and password text fields at the left side of the screen.

myloweslife forgot password

  • Tap “Forgot Password?” option now to start recovering your password at the portal.
  • In order to allow you change the password, you will be asked to answer the security question.

If you don’t remember the answer to the security question, you need to contact the HR Department and there is not other way to deal with it.

How To Fix MyLowesLife Login Not Working Error?

Sometimes, myloweslife employee login might not work properly due various valid reasons. We have come to know that the portal will schedule some maintenance updates. In scheduled maintenance timings, employees cannot login to their accounts.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that your lowes employee user id and password are entered correctly. If you don’t remember your password, you may recover it by following the instructions shared above.

For that matter, it’s always suggested to clear the browser cache on your computer and open my lowes life login portal again and see how things work.

Otherwise, you can try again with any other web browser on your computer or phone.

There is no other way if the login is still not working other than contacting the Lowes HR Department. We have shared the employee support details including phone numbers and email id. Make a call to any of those phone numbers or send an email to the email address stating the problem clearly.

MyLowesLife Employee Support – Contact Help Desk

If you have any unresolved issue such as lowes employee login not working or to report about any product, service, you may use the contact details shared below.

my lowes life contact details

  • Lowe’s corporate office : 1-704-758-1000
  • My Lowes Customer Service : 1-800-445-6937
  • Lowe’s Credit Card Services :  1-866-232-7443
  • Lowe’s HR Department : 1-336-6583535
  • Lowe’s Repairs, Warranties & Protection Plans : 1-888-775-6937
  • Sales Department: 1-800-465-6937
  • My Lowe’s Email Address:

Note: You may contact them 7 days a week between 8.30 am to 6pm (Eastern Time).

If you want to contact them through email, there is no working hours for that. You may email them anytime and they will reply back as soon as they get your query.

MyLowesLife Employee Benefits Overview

The benefits that we have mentioned below are the uses of the portal only. If you want to check myloweslife employee benefits, we have written a separate article on it.

1. Current Employees [Working Now]

  • View and manage work schedules
  • Change work shifts according to your planning kronos login
  • Check, View and Read work related E-Mails
  • View and take print out of your lowes paystub
  • View and apply for any particular sort of myloweslife employee benefits
  • Request promotion from the lowes employee panel

2. Former Employees [Lowes Retirees]

  • View employment details of your lowe’s company profile
  • Print the paychecks and pf information from the panel
  • See if there are any further benefits that you are going to get from lowe’s stores

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There are a lot of uses associated with the online portal for all the employees like benefits, promotions, career opportunities, retirement options, etc.


MyLowesLife is an employee login portal where both current and former employees can login to the portal. The lowes login portal is accessible from anywhere in the world such as Canada, United States, etc. So every employee can easily manage their work schedules and view paychecks easily.